March 16, 2006

Network and alertness issues

My network was down most of last night, and this morning. THere was some kind of service outage in the neighborhood last night, and my net didnt come back up when the rest of the neighborhood did.

So I had to spend an hour with Cox on my cell phone going through their IVR "diagnostic" menu, doing everything I'd already done for the last hour.

Yeah that was fun.

So for some reason, the cablemodem I've been using the last six weeks was de-provisioned, and they went back to my old cablemodem from my last house.

Kinda odd, but ok. So I had to reprovision my cablemodem, reset my router (again), flush and reset everything, and I managed to get network connectivity back around 11am.

Unfortunately I'd been up all night (for other reasons), and Mel had been sick all morning; so finally around 1pm I passed out and Mel took over.

I jsut got up about an hour ago, with a forecful reminder of how dehydrated you can get in this town.

In the mean time, blogger is hosed, and wont publish anything, and of course I'm still not ready for the move.


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